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Workshop On Immersive Technology And Media

With a strong belief that technology should be made accessible and transparent to the general public, Hiverlab Academy works with the communities and cultivate next-generation world leaders who have trans-disciplinary insights about technology, business, and society.

As an industry expert and evangelist, we sign MOUs with schools and research agencies, and conduct regular workshops at schools, companies, government organizations, etc. Through such initiatives, we are able to share our experiences and insights with the general public, so more people can enjoy the magic of this new medium, and start sharing their own immersive experiences with others. VR AR workshops, one of the key components of Hiverlab Academy, are structured in a way to enhance the participants' understanding of technology applications, global perspectives, and social responsibility. Here are the topics covered in our workshops, and customization options are available.

Here are the topics covered in our workshops.



- Introduction of immersive technology and media
- Case studies
- History and future trends
- Techno-ethics



- Try VR AR content
- Try 360 camera
- Storyboarding
- Storyhive platform usage

Applications & Social Impact

Applications & Social Impact

- Field trip (if time permits; mentorship provided)
- Content creation (if time permits; mentorship provided)
- Project showcase (if time permits)

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