Cedar Girls' Secondary School VR Classes

Teachers from the Humanities department at Cedar Girls' Secondary School has designed their own classes & used Storyhive platform to bring students on VR heritage tours at Chinatown & Kampung Glam. Teachers can create their own VR classes with ease on Storyhive. This initiative was featured by MediaCorp Channel 8.

MOE VR Classroom Excursion

Hiverlab's Storyhive system is widely used in schools in Singapore and overseas.Ministry of Education of Singapore conducted VR classes for Social Studies in Primary Schools in Singapore. With the multi-user set up powered by Storyhive system, teachers can virtually bring students to heritage sites and farms in Singapore while being physically in the classrooms.

St Nicholas Girls' School VR Classes

The teachers from the Chinese department of St Nicholas Girls' School developed a scenario-based Chinese language learning program on Storyhive. In this experience, teachers are able to virtually bring a group of students outside of the classrooms, visit places such as vegetable shops, fruit shops, clothes shops, hawker centers, etc., and practice their language speaking skills under different scenarios.

NTU Heritage Conservation using AR/VR

Hiverlab has collaborated with NTU on a couple of projects. One of them is a heritage conservation project with Professor Walsh using VR AR technology.

Collaboration with MINDS Lee Kong Chian Gardens School

In collaboration with MINDS Lee Kong Chian Gardens school, a special education school in Singapore, Hiverlab delivered a 1-day dynamic and enriching VR training experience to more than 100 students through the Storyhive system. Guided by the special education teachers, students experienced boating, diving, flying, and roller coaster for the first time in their lives. The class was further supplemented by a Q&A session and discussion after an experience, to enhance the training of the students' observations skills, memory skills, as well as communication skills.

Duke Corporate Education VR Classes

Duke Corporate Education used Storyhive platform to showcase their own VR video captured in India at a series of executive training sessions (e.g. Visa University, HPB, etc.). Such sessions simulate virtual journeys to India, and were facilitated by trainers from Duke CE.

Institute For The Future VR Classes

Researchers from California-based think tank Institute For The Future (IFTF) travel around the world for future studies on various topics, and share their insights with leaders from different industries at the Ten-Year Forecast conference. Check out how they used Storyhive to share their insights with VR.


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