NTU Heritage Conservation with AR VR

​The world’s heritage sites are facing constant risks from numerous natural and human factors which could damage the sites irrevocably. In collaborations with Professor Walsh from Nanyang Technological University and other world-leading scholars and research institutes, Hiverlab officially initiated Timescape in June 2016, a long-term independent project using immersive technology and storytelling techniques to showcases and promotes the world's heritage sites for the purpose of education. Timescape aims to create a four-dimensional multi-user interactive virtual domain where users can maneuver across space and time, not just different places of the same era but also the same geographical space over time. Viewers can see how history has changed buildings, paintings, sculptures, cultures, and people’s lives. We strive to make Timescape a legacy which could be passed down across generations globally. The initiative has been covered by the mainstream media, such as CNBC, The Straits Times, and Channel NewsAsia.


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