T.H.E Dance Company 5G Performance

360-degree Live Performance With 5G

As the reality of a 5G-enabled world inches closer, the excitement for its potential to transform our way of living grows. Funded by Singapore’s National Arts Council, Hiverlab collaborated with IMDA and T.H.E Dance to explore 5G’s capability of bringing a 360-degrees dance performance into the homes of audiences through 5G-ready devices. 


5G Performance Testing

As 360-degrees videos have higher resolution and bandwidth requirements, Hiverlab conducted technical testing and setup at PIXEL Lab on how the 5G network can support live stream with ultra broadband performance, and has concluded a streaming configuration performance report. Topics investigated for the 360 streaming solution architecture included benchmarking 5G against current wired networks, and understanding optimal bitrate/resolution pairing.


Performance Technology

With current network infrastructure, 5G’s ability to enhance live and art performances is still in its infancy. Future advancements in future could offer creatives the ability to interweave performance with technology seamlessly and meaningfully, i.e. artists would be able to leverage this unique 360 angle view offered by the camera to craft performances that live or 2D ones cannot accommodate.


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