Takeda AR

Takeda is a global, research and development-driven pharmaceutical company that faced accessibility and time limitations with regards to conducting training with their machines located in clean rooms, which are facilities utilized as part of specialized industrial production or research.

Digitizing training process

Takeda approached Hiverlab with a desire to redevelop their training material for their machine in the manufacturing plant. With expertise in digitizing training processes through creating a virtual machine with a tutorial system, Hiverlab tapped into augmented reality to develop a tablet application that allows users to visualize and work with the actual machine, with or without access to the latter.


Evolving with Technology

As hardware technology for AR advanced with the Hololens 2 coming into light, Takeda collaborated with Hiverlab once more to further develop the initial solution into a hands-free one. This allowed Takeda’s engineers to work on the machine with the digital twin tutorial system in-place. Through the Hololens 2, Hiverlab also introduced digital collaboration to Takeda’s work process with remote assistance capability to the company’s Engineering and Training Department, thereby allowing technology to fully support its training practices.


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