Digital Twin and Data Visualization

As a key digital transformation force driving Industry 4.0, immersive technology is becoming an integral part of daily business operations in various industries nowadays. As part of Hiverlab’s “Immersive Technology" + R&D initiatives, we introduce our latest immersive information visualization system, which stemmed from years of research at Hiverlab in the directions of “immersive technology + digital twin” and “immersive technology + data visualization”. The two main functions of this system can be summarized as follows.


Digital Twin (Tangible)

A digital twin is a digital replica or a digital copy of physical assets, devices, products, systems, processes, people, places, etc. With the advancement of 5G technology, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud-based services, big data, machine learning, etc., possibilities are endless with the concept of digital twin, and VR is making it a lot more accessible to us nowadays. For example, in our VR system, we are able to visualize and interact with real-time data at machine scale, room scale, factory scale, building scale,  district scale, city scale, national scale, etc. Such applications can be used to effectively monitor systems, analyze data, simulate scenarios, prevent downtime, enable collaborations and decision making across geographies, optimize operations and improve performance in the inter-connected world. This is a significant step towards our goals of creating a smart city, smart nation, and smart world.

Case Study: Singtel Smart City Digital Twin

In collaboration with Singtel, the largest telecommunications company in Singapore, Hiverlab developed a smart city real-time data visualization solution, to showcase the future possibilities powered by 5G technology. The solution was based on a 3D smart city digital twin, where real-time data from NEA (weather) and LTA (traffic) were reflected in the environment.

Digital Twin (Intangible) - High-dimensional Data Visualization

Traditional data visualization is done in 2D format. With AR/VR, which gives us an additional interactive dimension, we can unleash the potential of immersive data visualization like never before, especially for complex, high-dimensional data which is hard for humans to interpret and make sense of at one go. Here are some of our case studies where we apply immersive technology and interactivity to visualize databases of systems and research reports which contain a huge amount of data scattered across multiple tables and charts.

Case Study: Cyber Security Data Visualisation

In collaboration with JAMK University of Applied Sciences based in Central Finland, we developed this virtual reality cybersecurity training experience. The experience allows layman to better understand the logic behind cyberattacks, as well as the precautions individuals can take to prevent cyber attacks.


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