How to set up RealityCast

Let's learn how to create amazing AR presentations
Good to have: 2 phones

1. Master control set up - 0:01
2. Set up the spot of your presentation slides - 0:20
3. Shift the position of the slides - 1:20
4. Launch control panel and its functions - 1:46
5. Control the slides - 2:36
6. Remote control set up - 3:35
7. Set up the spot of your presentation slides - 3:55
8. Set up a 2nd phone - 4:02
9. Set up presentation - 5:08
10. How to enhance presentation - 5:55

Preparing a 3D model

Further immerse your audience with a product in 3D
What you need: 3D model in FBX/OBJ format

RealityCast requires 3D models to be in GLB format.
If you have a 3D model that is a different format:
1. Go to https://blackthread.io/gltf-converter/
2. Upload your 3D model and download as GLB

Preparing a holographic video

Keep your audience engaged with a holographic video
What you need:
* Adobe Premiere Pro
* Adobe After Effects
* A video with transparent background
* Webm plug-in from https://www.fnordware.com/WebM/

1. Open After Effects and import original video. Create a white solid under the original video and click ‘alpha matte’ option for the white solid.

*Only white colored solid can work

2. Export the video in any format (MOV/MP4 are most common)

3. Download the Webm plug-in for Premiere Pro from https://www.fnordware.com/WebM/

4. Open Premiere Pro and import the original video

5. Open ‘Sequence settings’ and change horizontal resolution to ‘3840’

6. Position the original video to the left side of the screen: Horizontal position is 960.
Position the exported video from After Effects to the right side of the screen. Horizontal position is 2880.

7. Before you export the video in Webm format, set the codec to VP8.

*The video will not load if the codec is VP9