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Create an account

Creating an account gives you access to the different Hiverlab’s product platforms.

What you need:

  • A profile picture with the size of 350x350px

1. To access the platform, click on the ‘Platform’ button.

2. Sign up with the few options available.

3. After filling up all your particulars, upload a profile picture for identification.

Adding holographic Video

Creating an account gives you access to the different Hiverlab’s product platforms.

What you need:

1. Open After Effects and import original video. Create a white solid under the original video and click ‘alpha matte’ option for the white solid.

*Only white colored solid can work

2. Export the video in any format (MOV/MP4 are most common)

3. Download the Webm plug-in for Premiere Pro from https://www.fnordware.com/WebM/

4. Open Premiere Pro and import the original video

5. Open ‘Sequence settings’ and change horizontal resolution to ‘3840’

6. Position the original video to the left side of the screen: Horizontal position is 960.

Position the exported video from After Effects to the right side of the screen. Horizontal position is 2880.

7. Before you export the video in Webm format, set the codec to VP8.

*The video will not load if the codec is VP9

Preparing a 3D model

Further immerse your audience with a product in 3D

What you need:

  • 3D model in GLB format

1. To access the platform, click on the ‘Platform’ button.

RealityCast requires 3D models to be in GLB format. If you have a 3D model that is a different format:

1. Go to https://blackthread.io/gltf-converter/

2. Upload your 3D model and download as GLB


How to create a project on Creator Center

You want to impress your audience with an immersive presentation.

What you need:

  • Images in JPG/PNG format or Video in MP4/MOV format or 3D Model in OBJ format
  • Internet

1. You can access to the RealityCast platform by clicking on the ‘Platform’ tab at www.hiverlab.com

2. On our Central Platform, click ‘RealityCast’ and create an account.

3. After logging in, you will see a dashboard where you can create your projects and access to them.

4. Before creating a project, you will have to upload your files in our Central Media Library (it stores files for all of our products).

5. After uploading your files, you are ready to create your project.

6. Fill up the title, description and upload a thumbnail (the thumbnail is only used for a cover image for the project, not for the actual presentation) before clicking ‘Next’.

7. On this page, you can add in slides and adjust the files to your preferences. You can also switch to full screen. Remember to save your project from time to time.

8. Aside from moving the position of the file, the ‘Transform’ tools help you to rotate and scale it.

9. After you are satisfied with one slide, save it and edit each slide accordingly.

10. To publish your project, click on ‘Build RealityCast’.

11. Your project should appear on the dashboard. It should also be available in your account on the RealityCast mobile app.


What do you need for a RealityCast AR presentation

What you need for a basic presentation:

  • 2 Phones: 1 to broadcast and 1 to control
  • 1 Phone holder
  • 1 Bluetooth earpiece

Tips for a better presentation:

- 1 Laptop/Personal computer: If you are alone, it can help you to frame yourself with the presentation slides easier.

1) Simply download the ‘Vysor’ app on your computer and connect the ‘Broadcast’ phone to it.

2) What you see on Vysor is what your audience will see from the ‘Broadcast’ phone.

3) Position the computer screen to your direction so you know how to frame yourself with the slides.

- 1 Phone gimbal: If you have another person helping you, you can create a more dynamic presentation with a moving ‘Broadcast’ camera.

How to set up RealityCast

You just downloaded the Realitycast app and wondered how to start.

What you need:

  • Best to have 2 phones

1. Master control set up - 0:01

2. Set up the spot of your presentation slides - 0:20

3. Shift the position of the slides - 1:20

4. Launch control panel and its functions - 1:46

5. Control the slides - 2:36

6. Remote control set up - 3:35

7. Set up the spot of your presentation slides - 3:55

8. Set up a 2nd phone - 4:02

9. Set up presentation - 5:08

10. How to enhance presentation - 5:55

How to broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube

You want to present to the audience on social media.

What you need:

  • Your RealityCast presentation project

1. To generate the link to paste over on Facebook or YouTube, click on the ‘Cast Reality’ button.

2. You should be able to see the 2 links available. Copy the link to the online platform to broadcast.