Agency for Integrated Care CloudExpo Virtual Training

Agency for Integrated Care CloudExpo Virtual Training


Project Objective

To develop web-based 360° virtual tour to educate the caregivers and persons living with dementia (PLWD) about dementia-friendly home. Specifically, we aim at supporting caregivers and PLWD by providing them with ideas to make their home more accessible for dementia elderly, by providing a range of good and bad designs, from small, inexpensive solutions to more significant changes.


Our team has created a 3D environment based on the good & bad examples of dementia friendly home design guide provided by AIC, allowing an interactive and visual way for caregivers and PLWD to learn how to improve the home design. The home design is replicating a 3-room HDB flat that majority of Singaporeans can relate to. This web-based 360° virtual tour provides proposed modifications to create an accessible, safe and comfortable dementia friendly home. Visit the virtual training at

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