SMU Virtual Graduation 2020

SMU Virtual Graduation 2020


In response to the global pandemic. SMU organised what most consider a first of it's kind - a virtual graduation. For it's graduating cohort. The virtual graduation was very well received by graduates, with some sharing their digital avatars on social media.

Graduations halted

The Covid-19 put a halt to nearly every school's graduation ceremony - a significant milestone in every student's lives. This however, did not deter SMU from organising a virtual graduation for their students.

Solution - Virtual Graduation

Hiverlab was the vendor of choice for SMU, helping them with 3 deliverable. The first is a digital avatar, graduates can generate a digital avatar of themselves by simply uploading a selfie. They can then project their avatar anywhere using their mobile devices and take virtual graduation pictures. The second is a virtual graduation ceremony, whereby graduate's digital avatar are seen going on-stage to collect their graduation certificate from their respective deans. Lastly graduates are able to upload photos and videos of their favourite memories in SMU.

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