Stamford Arts Center Reopening

Stamford Arts Center Reopening


Hiverlab has developed 3 unique Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality experiences for the Stamford Arts Centre reopening. The event aimed to give the general public a better understanding of tradtitional arts.

Based on the latest AR Core technology, the first piece is a AR walking trail, that turns SAC into a immersive digital space where visitors can explore different interactive elements. Once activated, a digital character with an iconic musical instrument will pop up around the space. The visitors can then explore and understand the origin of a traditional performance.

For the second piece, Hiverlab collaborated with Tok Tok Chiang Wayang to produce an VR inside look of a Chinese Opera backstage. This tour experience allows users to teleport into the stage and backstage of Chinese Opera performance without an exclusive pass. The tour shows an exclusive insight of how the performers prepare for a grand show.

Lastly, the third piece is is a Mixed Reality dance where Dancer Serene Tan gracefully dances in a colorful Virtual Reality environment created by Visual Artist Edmund Loh. The performance is accompanied by a live musical performance by a Chinese Orchestra group.

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