Singtel 5G Smart City Visualization

Singtel 5G Smart City Visualization


In collaboration with Singtel, one of the largest telcos in Singapore, Hiverlab developed four interactive VR experiences for Singtel's 5G Exhibition Hall, namely, real-time smart city data visualization, remote surgery simulation, smart office visualization, and smart home visualization. The goal is to help visitors better visualise and understand the potential use cases of 5G technology.

The real-time smart city data visualization is a demonstration of immersive digital twin. Based on a 3D model of Singapore, we extract and display real-time geo-spatial data from NEA's (weather) and LTA's (traffic) open-source platform. This dynamic contextual data visualization system is one of the first steps to achieve a more holistic immersive control system in a few years time as the 5G technology advances.

The remote surgery simulation showcases how in the future human can use gestures to control robots remotely to perform complex tasks, based on 5G's low latency characteristic.

The smart office and smart home visualization experiences demonstrates the future possibilities in our daily lives with massive IoT set up.

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