Virtual Data Visualisation

Unleash the power of big data with virtual data visualisation.


Why Virtual Data Visualisation?

Studies have shown us humans, we recognise patterns in data much better when viewing it visually.
Unlock the power of human perception with the Virtual Data Visualisation today.

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Real-time data streaming

Hiverlabs Virtual Data Visualisation solution is able to support real-time data streaming. Providing you with near-instant feedback.


Simplifying Complexity

Complex, multi-dimensional data is difficult for human interpretation. Simplify it by visualising it in 3D.

Case Studies

Smart City Digital Twin

In collaboration with Singtel, the largest telecommunications company in Singapore, Hiverlab developed a smart city real-time data visualization solution, to showcase the future possibilities powered by 5G technology. The solution was based on a 3D smart city digital twin, where real-time data from NEA (weather) and LTA (traffic) were reflected in the enviornment.

JAMK Cyber Security Data Visualisation

In collobaration with JAMK University of Applied Sciences based in Central Finland, we developed the virtual reality cybersecurity training experience. The experience allows layman to better understand the logic behind cyberattacks, as well as the precautions individuals can take to prevent cyber attacks.

Unleash the power of data visualisation today

Leverage the newest in data visualisation technology with Hiverlab.

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