Pioneers of Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies

Hiverlab drives digital transformation with emerging technologies like AR/VR, AI, and data analytics. They empower global organizations, fostering innovation, collaboration, and a technology-driven future, shaping a better world.

our Mission

Empowering the Future through Emerging Technologies

At Hiverlab, we are driven by a powerful mission – to spearhead the creation of the next-generation digital infrastructure through the transformative potential of emerging technologies. With a relentless focus on innovation and forward-thinking, we seek to empower organizations worldwide to thrive in an interconnected and technology-driven future. Through our cutting-edge products and solutions in immersive technologies, digital twin, and artificial intelligence, we aim to revolutionize industries and pave the way for a more advanced and inclusive world.

our vision

Redefining Human Interactions: Pioneering the Digital Transformation

Our vision at Hiverlab is to push the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of emerging technologies. We strive to unlock new and untapped opportunities, fostering sustainable growth not just for ourselves, but also for our esteemed clients and partners. Embracing a future where innovation knows no bounds, we envision a world where organizations harness the full potential of immersive tech, digital twin, and AI to shape a better tomorrow. By embracing strategic thinking and constant evolution, we aim to lead the way in redefining human interactions and building a digital infrastructure that empowers individuals and communities worldwide.

Our Achievement

Since 2014


Enterprise clients worldwide


Product users


Location worldwide

Our Footprint


Founding Stage, focusing on immersive technology

2016: Enabled the 1st VR Class Program in Singapore for Ministry of Education

2017: Enabled the 1st VR documentaries in APAC for Discovery Networks


Seed Funding

Received seed funding for product development


Became Microsoft Partner (including Authorized Device Reseller in Vietnam)



Digital Twin for warehouse won RICS Innovation Award (Southeast Asia).


Official release of CloudExpo Product


Achievement & Award

Digital Twin for Smart Factory nominated as SICC Most Sustainable Collaboration of the year.

Enabled Singapore’s 1st commercialized 5G-enabled Digital Twin; 1st of its kind in the Maritime sector in Southeast Asia.



Established team in EMEA and continuously built industrial partnerships


Official release of Spatialwork Product with AI Suite

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