About Us

About Us


Hiverlab is a media technology company HQed in Singapore with global partnerships, focusing on immersive technology since 2014. Consisting of a passionate team of technologists and creatives, we provide innovative solutions and products in the domains of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Data Visualization, System Integration and beyond.


In the Information Age, the physical, digital and biological worlds will continue to fuse, and the boundaries between media, technology, and telecommunication will continue to diminish. As immersive technology becomes an integral part of organizations' daily operations in various industries, we believe our role as a media technology enabler is becoming ever more crucial.

Vision & Mission

Enhance human capacities for an innovative and inclusive world, by advancing communication experiences, enabling digital transformation, and redefining human interaction.

Business Activities


Customized 360-degree videos, interactive 3D AR/VR, and Industry 4.0 solutions for clients of various industries Products -


SaaS for enterprises, a platform for individuals, where technologies are made transparent and accessible


Immersive Technology + other emerging technologies to experiment on the next generation human interactions


Workshops & MOUs to cultivate global talents with a trans-disciplinary understanding of technology, business, and society


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