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Accenture Revoluntionary Runway VR Campus 3.0 Campaign

Finance & Consulting

Project Background

Accenture's VR Campus 3.0 campaign leveraged immersive VR to engage students, offering a preview of consulting work and enhancing recruitment in Asia.


  • Accenture operates in a highly competitive environment where attracting and recruiting top talent is a constant challenge. They needed an innovative and engaging way to stand out among the top-tier consulting firms and draw the interest of university students in Southeast Asia.

  • Accenture recognized the importance of ensuring that their future employees could relate to the kind of work they would be doing. The challenge was to bridge the gap between theoretical education and real-life consulting work.


Accenture partnered with Hiverlab to develop the VR Campus 3.0 campaign. The solution revolved around the creation of an immersive and interactive virtual reality (VR) experience.. This VR experience was designed to bring the consulting world closer to students and showcase what working at Accenture truly entails.

Key Components of the Solution

  • Virtual Reality: The VR Campus 3.0 campaign introduced a cutting-edge, multi-user VR simulation that replicated real-life consulting scenarios. Students could immerse themselves in the world of Accenture, working collaboratively with other players to make critical business decisions.
  • Real-Life Case Studies: The content of the VR experience was directly inspired by real-life case studies from Accenture. This ensured that the challenges and situations faced by participants closely mirrored those encountered by actual Accenture consultants. Participants were tasked with managing limited resources and making strategic decisions, mirroring the resource allocation and problem-solving skills needed in consulting.
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The Accenture VR Campus 3.0 campaign, built on the foundation of a futuristic, multi-user VR activity, successfully addressed the challenges of recruitment in a competitive landscape and ensuring real-world relevance. By providing students with an engaging, immersive, and educational experience, Accenture was able to attract top talent and give them a taste of what a career at Accenture truly entails. This innovative approach not only enhanced recruitment outcomes but also established Accenture as a forward-thinking and industry-leading organization in the eyes of prospective employees.

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