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Project Background

Baxter Hillrom revolutionized medical equipment demonstrations with their Medical AR App for the PST 500 Surgical Table, enhancing accessibility and product understanding.


  • One of the significant challenges faced by Baxter Hillrom was the difficulty of physically transporting and demonstrating bulky equipment, such as surgical tables, to potential clients, medical professionals, and stakeholders. This limitation hindered their ability to showcase their products effectively, leading to potential clients having limited access to firsthand experience of their advanced medical equipment.


In response to the challenges, Baxter Hillrom decided to harness the power of Augmented Reality (AR) technology to create an immersive and informative solution. Working with Hiverlab, they developed an AR application that allowed users to virtually experience and understand the intricacies of the PST 500 Precision Surgical Table.

Key features of the AR application included:

  • Realistic Visualization: The AR app provided an interactive, realistic 3D visualization of the PST 500 surgical table. Users could explore the table's design, features, and functionality in detail.
  • Functional Demonstration: Users could virtually interact with the surgical table, adjusting its settings, exploring different configurations, and understanding how it would work in a clinical setting.
  • Portability: Unlike physical demonstrations, the AR app allowed Baxter Hillrom to take the PST 500 Precision Surgical Table anywhere, using just a smartphone or tablet. This overcame the challenges of transporting bulky equipment.
  • Educational Content: The application offered comprehensive educational content, including instructional videos, user manuals, and technical specifications, providing users with all the information they needed.

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Baxter Hillrom's utilization of Augmented Reality technology in the form of the Medical AR App for the PST 500 Precision Surgical Table proved to be a transformative solution to the challenges of product demonstrations. By embracing AR, they overcame the physical limitations of showcasing bulky equipment and offered an engaging, educational, and portable experience to their clients and stakeholders. This case study underscores the importance of leveraging technology to enhance product understanding and accessibility in the healthcare industry, ultimately contributing to improved patient care and the growth of the medical equipment manufacturing sector.

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