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Experience history like never before with groundbreaking VR documentaries by Discovery and Hiverlab.


Historical Immersion: Capturing historical events and locations with the immersive power of VR can be a challenging task. Ensuring that viewers feel as if they have traveled back in time to places like Hashima, Japan, and Tuol Sleng, Cambodia, required cutting-edge technology and creative solutions.

Storytelling Enhancement: Bringing the heart-breaking history of these locations to life in a compelling and emotionally engaging manner was a challenge. Traditional storytelling methods were insufficient for the level of immersion and emotional impact Discovery aimed to achieve.

Multisensory Experience: Creating a multisensory experience that merged archival materials with present-day environments posed a unique challenge. It required seamless integration of historical images and videos into the VR environment, maintaining the authenticity of the content.


Hiverlab, in collaboration with Discovery Networks APAC and Discovery VR, implemented a range of innovative solutions to address these challenges:

Cutting-Edge Technology: Hiverlab harnessed the latest virtual reality technology to create 360-degree documentaries, providing viewers with an unprecedented level of immersion. This technology allowed viewers to explore historical locations as if they were physically present. To enhance the storytelling, a unique interactions was implemented. It involved overlaying archival images and videos onto present-day environments within the VR experience. This treatment not only added depth to the storytelling but also helped convey the historical context effectively.

The solution allowed the documentaries to be showcased at high-profile events such as the Parliament House of Singapore and the ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Information (AMRI).

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The collaboration between Hiverlab, Discovery Networks APAC, and Discovery VR has successfully demonstrated the power of virtual reality in historical storytelling. By overcoming the challenges of historical immersion, storytelling enhancement, and multisensory experiences, they have created documentaries that not only educate but also emotionally engage their audience. The use of cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions has allowed these documentaries to make a significant impact in the world of virtual reality storytelling, setting a new standard for immersive historical experiences.

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