Spatial Digital Twin

Omron Robot Arena


Project Background

Discover how OMRON revolutionized their Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) solutions with 3D Digital Twin assets and real-time monitoring through Open-RMF integration.


  • Omron would like to raise awareness of their latest Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) solutions, and attract visits (and repeated visits) to their innovation lab via novel solutions.
  • The process of the AGVs are highly complex. Conventional simulation methods for decision-making on their deployment is time-consuming and resource-intensive. There is a need for more agile ways to run simulations.
  • One of the wishlist items was also to visualize various robot configurations in the existing physical production environment, for users to understand the various possible outcome.


By converting Solidworks files into 3D Digital Twin assets, Omron was able to create precise 1:1 scale digital replicas. Open-RMF integration enables real-time monitoring, providing continuous updates on system performance and behavior. The simulation results and deployment scenarios are visualized using Spaitalwork AR Application in a physical production environment.

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The integration of real-time data from Open RMF ensured an accurate representation of AGV behavior and streamlined the simulation processes. OMRON achieved a 40% increase in engineering efficiency, with simulations now completed within minutes. This optimized approach allowed for efficient evaluation of multiple AGV deployment scenarios and identification of bottlenecks, ultimately maximizing productivity and minimizing disruptions in production environments.

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