XR Experience


Supply Chain, Transportation

Project Background

Discover how BW LPG harnessed AR and VR technology to revolutionize vessel launches, breaking down communication barriers and promoting sustainability in maritime transportation.


  • BW LPG faced the challenge of effectively communicating the features and environmental benefits of the BW Gemini to a diverse audience, including industry professionals and the general public.
  • They needed a solution that was easily accessible to a wide range of viewers


In collaboration with BW LPG, we developed an immersive AR and VR experience to address the challenges faced:

AR Model of BW Gemini: Hiverlab created an interactive AR model of the BW Gemini, which could be conveniently accessed through a mobile web browser. This allowed users to explore the ship's design, features, and benefits by simply scanning a QR code, making the information easily accessible to a broad audience.

VR Video: In addition to the AR model, Hiverlab produced a captivating VR video that provided viewers with an immersive experience of the BW Gemini's journey, showcasing its advanced technology, environmental advantages, and operational excellence.

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The AR and VR campaign executed by Hiverlab for BW LPG's BW Gemini launch successfully addressed the challenges the company faced in communicating its environmental and cost-saving advantages. By utilizing innovative technology, they made information more accessible and engaging for a broad audience. This project is a testament to the power of immersive technology in effectively conveying complex information and engaging stakeholders in the maritime industry and beyond. BW LPG's commitment to sustainable shipping and Hiverlab's expertise in AR and VR content creation proved to be a winning combination, setting a new standard for introducing groundbreaking vessels to the world.

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