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Huawei's DigiX Lab
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Project Background

Huawei's DigiX Lab revolutionized engagement with Hiverlab's CloudExpo, expanding its reach and fostering collaboration, all through an immersive virtual tour


  • Organizing physical tours to the lab consumes valuable time and resources, particularly for those individuals who need to travel long distances to visit the lab.

  • Traditional lab tours often struggle to provide an engaging and educational experience. Without interactive elements, it can be challenging for visitors to gain a deep understanding of specific offerings available at the lab.


Hiverlab's CloudExpo platform presented an innovative solution to these challenges. By utilising CloudExpo, they were able to:

  • Create a Virtual Tour: Hiverlab's CloudExpo platform allowed the creation of a virtual tour of Huawei's DigiX Lab. This virtual tour provided a digital replica of the physical lab, enabling users to explore it remotely.
  • Interactive Markers: Interactive markers were embedded throughout the virtual lab. These markers provided users with information and interactivity, making the tour engaging and educational.
  • Regional Reach: The virtual tour expanded Huawei's reach to the regional audience, allowing industry professionals from around the region to access and explore the lab's resources.
  • Enhanced Engagement: With interactive markers and an immersive 3D experience, users could gain a deeper understanding of Huawei's technology, fostering greater engagement.
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By leveraging the power of virtual tour, the lab overcame its challenges and unlocked a world of opportunities. This case study demonstrates how technology can transcend geographical boundaries, enhance collaboration, and promote innovation, ultimately shaping the future of digital transformation and research in the tech industry.

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