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NDP Digital Play Pack

NDP Digital Play Pack
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Project Background

IMDA modernized Singapore's National Day Parade with Augmented Reality, fostering patriotism and setting a global precedent for innovative celebrations.


The primary objective of the NDP Digital Play Pack was to celebrate Singapore's 58th National Day by offering an innovative and interactive digital platform. The app's purpose was to provide a unique experience, allowing users to participate in various virtual activities, such as dressing up, visiting iconic locations from Singapore's past, and enjoying the parade through AR from the comfort of their homes. By harnessing AR technology, the IMDA sought to deepen citizens' sense of connection and patriotism during the NDP festivities.


The implementation of the NDP Digital Play Pack required meticulous planning and collaboration between Hiverlab, IMDA, the NDP committee and other technology partners. The key steps in the implementation process were as follows:

Conceptualization: IMDA worked closely with us to conceptualize the idea of using AR in the NDP celebration. The team brainstormed creative ways to engage users and bring the festivities to life digitally.

Technology Development: The development team focused on creating an intuitive user interface and ensuring the app's compatibility with a wide range of smartphones and devices.

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The Infocomm Media Development Authority's NDP Digital Play Pack was a resounding success in celebrating Singapore's 58th National Day. By leveraging Augmented Reality, the initiative allowed Singaporeans to experience the festivities in a whole new dimension, bridging the physical and digital worlds. The app's success demonstrated the potential of technology to enhance collective experiences and deepen citizens' connection to their nation's history and culture. As a pioneering effort in the domain of national celebrations, the NDP Digital Play Pack set a remarkable precedent for future events, inspiring other countries to explore innovative ways of engaging their citizens using digital platforms and immersive technologies.

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