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SMU Virtual Graduation 2020


Project Background

Discover how Singapore Management University and Hiverlab transformed the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic into an innovative virtual graduation experience for their students, showcasing resilience in education


The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted traditional graduation ceremonies, which serve as significant milestones in every student's life. SMU had to find an alternative solution to ensure that their students could celebrate their accomplishments in a meaningful way.


Hiverlab enabled SMU graduates to generate digital avatars of themselves by simply uploading a selfie. These avatars accurately represented the students, allowing them to project themselves anywhere using their mobile devices. This feature allowed graduates to take virtual graduation pictures and share them on social media, creating a sense of togetherness despite physical distance.

Hiverlab designed a virtual graduation ceremony that mirrored the traditional in-person event. Graduates' digital avatars were seen going on-stage to collect their graduation certificates from their respective deans. This digital commencement replicated the excitement and pride of the real ceremony, making graduates feel truly honored for their accomplishments.

Graduates were given the opportunity to upload photos and videos of their favorite memories at SMU. This feature allowed students to reminisce about their academic journey and share their experiences with their peers and the wider SMU community.

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In the face of unprecedented challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, SMU's decision to embrace innovation and partner with Hiverlab to create a virtual graduation was an overwhelming success. By leveraging digital avatars, a virtual graduation ceremony, and memory-sharing capabilities, SMU provided graduates with a unique and memorable experience, demonstrating that even during challenging times, adaptability and creativity can turn setbacks into opportunities for growth and celebration. The virtual graduation served as an example of resilience and determination in the educational community, and it is likely to inspire similar initiatives in the future.

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